Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Two interesting articles from the BBC

Could babies' faces reduce crime?

  • The experiment, named Babies of the Borough, follows other attempts to try and use the environment to moderate behaviour.
  • One that has had plenty of publicity is the controversial Mosquito Anti-Loitering Security Device. The gadget emits an unbearable buzzing sound and can be set to a pitch that is audible only to those under the age of 25. It was initially used to prevent teenagers gathering outside shops, but opponents tried to get it banned as a breach of human rights.
  • Music has also been used. London Underground copied a successful scheme from Tyne and Wear's Metro system to use classical music to reduce crime.
  • Police cells in Switzerland were painted a colour described as "cool-down pink", which is said to keep prisoners calm.
  • In the town of Mansfield, in Nottinghamshire, pink lighting has been installed in areas where teenagers hang out. It's supposed to highlight their acne, so they're too embarrassed to be seen there. Cardiff too, has been experimenting with the same idea.

The forbidden public toilets of Beijing

The journalists' rule of thumb in China is that you cannot report the so-called three Ts - Tiananmen, Taiwan or Tibet. But it turns out there is also another T that upsets Chinese censors.

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