Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life without Lights Project
Peter DiCampo's website link above to his long-term “Life Without Lights” project on global energy access. is easy to forget that 1.4 billion people – nearly a quarter of humanity – live without access to electricity (according to the International Energy Agency’s 2010 findings). And it is difficult to fully grasp the social and economic impact of so-called “energy poverty.”
While living and working as a volunteer in remote northern Ghana, I realized how deeply the lack of electricity affected the lives of my neighbors. It impeded their progress in the sectors of health, education, gender equality, agriculture, and virtually every aspect of development. And, of course, there’s the lack of light.
...Put simply, energy poverty keeps people poor. It is a critical piece in the mosaic of issues contributing to poverty, and often the one that is least addressed. 
...As I continue to research and photograph global energy poverty, I offer these stories as a contribution to the dialogue on energy’s future. While people living without electricity may seem exempt from the energy debate, their plight carries a warning for any region whose economy or energy supply lies on the brink. By examining the causes and effects of energy poverty, as well as workable solutions, this project will ask (and attempt to answer) the questions: What solutions will be made available for the energy poor? Will they be sustainable? And what does that mean for the rest of us?
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