Monday, August 27, 2012

Three links I liked at NYMAG/ Vulture

1) Premium Rush movie review

I liked the below para. It perfectly captures what I felt about driving/walking in NYC!

Gordon-Levitt’s Wilee does have a life philosophy, but it’s nothing terribly complex. “Can’t work in an office,” he says in voice-over while evading numerous, potentially deadly obstacles. “Can’t stop … Don’t want to either … When I see a guy in a gray business suit … my balls shrivel up.” Zooming through red lights and teeming crosswalks, he is exactly the kind of biker to whom we yell, “We have a walk sign, asshole!” But being as we’re seeing the world through his eyes, we think, “Out of the way, assholes!” I must say that this cuts to the heart of New Yorkers’ moral relativism: On bikes, they think, “Asshole pedestrians!” and “Asshole drivers!” In cars, they think, “Asshole pedestrians!” and “Asshole bikers!” On foot, they think, “Asshole bikers!” and “Asshole drivers!” (Wherever they are, of course, they think, “Asshole critics!”) 

2) Mike Birbiglia - Sleepwalk with Me

Another great show - took mum & dad along with me (got cheap tickets thank to Nancy Khuu). I walked out of the theatre 1.5 hrs later, in a daze, just magically carried aloft, dream-walking after being mesmerized by Mike Birbiglia's comedy. In short, need to see the movie and highly recommend it! Plus it has Ira Glass.

Speaking of Ira Glass, pic of mum and me in NYC, when we had 4th row tickets to see "This American Life."

This was hands down the BEST "serious" play I saw on Broadway, during my 2 years at NYU. As a side note, the BEST comedy play I saw was The Norman Conquests (x4 times).

I liked August: Osage County so much, saw it twice - once with John Uppill and then with my mother. This was a sacrifice b/c even with NYU student discount, I paid $70 for the cheap seats vs $25 for The Norman Chronicles.

Cant wait to see the movie, esp with the awesome cast attached (Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper, Abigail Breslin, Juliette Lewis). I reckon Meryl Streep has my heart after seeing her performance as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady - utter sublime!

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Veenu Banga said...

For Ira Glass we had SECOND row seats!