Saturday, April 22, 2006


So - cant believe I have two comments! Okay, so Fi found my Blog.. tht still leaves Dave :)

I am so excited about mum coming to visit me! I read all these amazing blogs that are witty, erudite and I marvel at how amazing and intersting other people's lives are. At the same time its a bit scary.. take today for example. I was getting my regular dose of Sepia and found this article - and I loved it, just loved her snarky sense of humour, the pathos and misadventures of her family life, one that I could so relate to and as I explored more, I checked out her links and then gasp! discovered who she was in real life - and that's so scary b/c I've been pretty indiscriminte and not at all discreet during my www wanderings....... and if someone was pretty determined, they could find my likes, dislikes, etc quite easily enough (Just like my friend, Fi did!).

Anyway, its been a while since I dropped into my blog for a chat - let's hope the next entry doesnt take another 4 months!

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The Great Ganesha said...

looks like you're getting hooked in to the blogging scene...

as a recent convert myself let me warn you - it's a dangerous, addicitive and time-consuming habit. just like cocaine. and you know what your mama said about cocaine! :)

welcome and hope to see more posts!

the great ganesha