Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Birth

Well, here it is.. my blog has entered the world (sounds too much like Brave New World, but what can ya do?) I've been a netizen for yonks and have wanted to create my own blog for ages now. It actually started June 05 when I fell really really ill and was diagnosed with pneumonia which effectively incacerated me in my house for 5 weeks (yeah, it really was that severe!). So I surfed the net, listened to music, occasionally ate some soup, slept, coughed and surfed the net some more. My wandering on the net led me to the fantastic group blog called and I got hooked. I don't know if my fledgling efforts will be as good (or even as popular). I've been a regular diary-writer too and so initially, I did have doubts about an online diary but I think my paper diary will be quite different from my blog. Okay - lets hope I keep up with this!


Uneeva said...

Your Blog is AWESOME Dude, you need to keep it up! :-)

look forward to read more of your (ad) Ventures! :-)

ms_ingenious said...

hey am eagerly waiting to see some more posts!

btw...u didn't think I would find out about this did you ;-)